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کاربرد PCR برای تشخیص بیماری‌های عفونی (247922 Downloads)
موارد کاربرد آزمایش سرعت رسوب گلبولی (163179 Downloads)
زونا، تشخیص، پیشگیری و درمان (75442 Downloads)
Study of the Role of Garlic Consumption in Helicobacter Pylori Eradication (42657 Downloads)
چگونه مقالات پژوهشی را به روش علمی و سیستماتیک داوری کنیم؟ (35458 Downloads)
Vaginal Versus Oral Misoprostol for Second-Trimester Pregnancy Termination: A Randomized Trial (35437 Downloads)
عفونت پای دیابتی (34901 Downloads)
Prevalence of Hepatitis B Cab with or Without Anti Hbsab in Hbsag Seronegative Blood Donors (34268 Downloads)
Hepatitis C, Diagnosis and Treatment (29573 Downloads)
Decrease in Survival Rate of Colorectal Cancer Patients Due to Insertion of a Single Guanine Base in Promoter Sequences of Matrix Metalloproteinase-1 Gene (in Tehran Population) (28282 Downloads)
تشخیص و درمان فارنژیت استرپتوکک پیوژن (28062 Downloads)
Fauna, Abundance and Dispersion of Sandflies in Three Endemic Areas of Cutaneous Leishmaniasis in Rural Fars Province (27273 Downloads)
کم خونی فقر آهن درکودکان (26707 Downloads)
The Efficacy of Vaginal Misoprostol in Treatment of Missed Abortions (26381 Downloads)
Examination and Comparison of Various Methods of DNA Extraction from Samples of Blood, Bone Marrow Slides and Peripheral Blood (25748 Downloads)
هپاتیت B (25715 Downloads)
توکسوپلاسموز در حاملگی (25466 Downloads)
دیابت بارداری (25313 Downloads)
Foreign Body Aspiration (24065 Downloads)
Evaluation of Co-Administration of Omperazole with H2 Blockers and Antacids (23398 Downloads)
Effect of Estradiol Prescribed during Luteal Phase of Art Cycles and Pregnancy Outcome (21677 Downloads)
عوامل خطر دیابت نوع 2 (19767 Downloads)
Transmission of Aflatoxins from Animal Feeds to Raw and Pasteurized Milk in Shiraz City and its Suburbs (19759 Downloads)
Determination of Rubella Antibody Titer in Women of Reproductive Age, Birjand, 2001-2002. (19675 Downloads)
Investigating Effect of Drug Use on Short-term Complications and Bleeding in Patients Undergoing Off-pump CABG (OPCAB) (19409 Downloads)
مروری برتشخیص عفونتهای ویروسی جنین، قبل و بعد از تولد (19364 Downloads)
مروری بر فارنژیت (19323 Downloads)
عوارض کبدی آنتی بیوتیک ها (19241 Downloads)
obesity in childhood (18628 Downloads)
تروما ، اولویت‌ها و نکات قابل بحث (17997 Downloads)
مروری بر جدیدترین اطلاعات از اختصاصات و بیماری زایی هلیکوباکترپیلوری (17825 Downloads)
Evaluation of Depression and its Relationship to Exercise in Women Over 20 Years (17818 Downloads)
Investigation of the effect of sports and combat activities on the formation of varicocele (17655 Downloads)
Study of Anti Thyroidal Antibodies in Simple Goiter Patients and Comparison with a Control Group (17338 Downloads)
Study of the Effect of Simultaneous Iron, Zinc and Folic Acid Supplementation With or Without Vitamin A and C on Hemoglobin Levels of Teenaged Girl Students in Shahinshahr City. (16820 Downloads)
Methotrexate Hepatotoxicity the Danger Not to Be Ignored (16750 Downloads)
هپارین (16404 Downloads)
Pattern and Inclination of Adolescents Towards Substance Abuse (15779 Downloads)
Assessment of Mental Disorders in Cerebral Stroke Patients Admitted at Rasool Hospital (14860 Downloads)
Bunium Persicum(Black Caraway) of Yazd province: Chemical assessment and Evaluation of its Antioxidant Effects (14534 Downloads)
The Association between Maternal Serum Biomarkers (HCG.MSAFP.UE3 Inhibin A) in Second Trimester Pregnancy and Preterm Delivery (14190 Downloads)
مروری بر کهیر و آنژیوادم (13498 Downloads)
لیشمانیوز جلدی (سالک) (13125 Downloads)
Determination and Comparison of Echocardiographic Findings According to Cardio Thoracic Ratio (CTR) in Chest X–Ray (12851 Downloads)
A Comparison Between Nifedipin and Indemethacin for the Treatment of Preterm Labor and Their Side Effects (12617 Downloads)
Acute Cholestatic Hepatitis Associated with Teucrium Polium (12609 Downloads)
Study of the Relation between Duration of Injection of Subcutaneous Heparin and Extent of Local Skin Discoloration at the Fatima and Shahid Beheshti Cardiac Hospitals, Shiraz, 2002 (12303 Downloads)
عفونتهای بافت نرم دهان اطفال (12057 Downloads)
Prevalence of Celiac Disease and Helicobacter Pylori in Patients Referred to Endoscopy Section of Taleghani Hospital (12022 Downloads)
Effectiveness of Parental Skills Training on Worry, Anxiety and Self-Efficacy Beliefs of Single-Child and Multi-Child Parents (11971 Downloads)
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