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The Journal of Shahid Sadoughi University of Medical Sciences

2018، Volume 26، Number 7

Print ISSN: 22285741

Online ISSN: 22285733

director-in-Charge: Dr. Seyed Mahmoud Sadr

Editor-in-Chief: Dr. Seyed Mahmoud Sadr Bafghi

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Accepted Articles

XML 1- Zoutendijk R, Reijnders JG, Zoulim F, Brown A, Mutimer DJ, Deterding K, et al. Virological response to entecavir is associated with a better clinical outcome in chronic hepatitis B patients with cirrhosis. Gut 201; 62(5): 760-5. 2- Merat S, Malekzadeh R, Rezvan H, Khatibian M. Hepatitis B in Iran. Arch Iran Med. 2000 Jan 1; 3(4): 192-201. 3- Hervás-Stubbs S, Berasain C, Golvano J, Lasarte JJ, Prieto I, Sarobe P, et al. Overcoming class II-linked non-responsiveness to hepatitis B vaccine. Vaccine 1994;12(10): 867-71. 4- Alper C. Genetic Prediction Of Non-Response To Hepatitis B Vaccine. The Pediatric Infectious Disease J 1990; 9(8): 603. 5- Cooper CL, Davis HL, Angel JB, Morris ML, Elfer SM, Seguin I, et al. CPG 7909 adjuvant improves hepatitis B virus vaccine seroprotection in antiretroviral-treated HIV-infected adults. Aids 2005; 19(14): 1473-79. 6- Tsai TF. MF59® Adjuvanted Seasonal and Pandemic Influenza Vaccines. Yakugaku Zasshi 2011; 131(12): 1733-41. 7- Khurana S, Verma N, Yewdell JW, Hilbert AK, Castellino F, Lattanzi M, et al. MF59 adjuvant enhances diversity and affinity of antibody-mediated immune response to pandemic influenza vaccines. Sci Transl Med 2011; 3(85): 85ra48. 8- Higgins DA, Carlson JR, Van Nest G. MF59 adjuvant enhances the immunogenicity of influenza vaccine in both young and old mice. Vaccine 1996; 14(6): 478-84. 9- Dupuis M, Murphy TJ, Higgins D, Ugozzoli M, van Nest G, Ott G, et al. Dendritic cells internalize vaccine adjuvant after intramuscular injection. Cellular immunology 1998; 186(1): 18-27. 10- Schultze V, D’Agosto V, Wack A, Novicki D, Zorn J, Hennig R. Safety of MF59™ adjuvant. Vaccine 2008; 26(26): 3209-22. 11- Wang S, Liu X, Caulfield MJ. Adjuvant synergy in the response to hepatitis B vaccines. Vaccine 2003; 21(27-30): 4297-306. 12- Zhang X, He P, Hu Z, Wang X, Liang Z. Enhanced specific immune responses by CpG DNA in mice immunized with recombinant hepatitis B surface antigen and HB vaccine. Virol J 2011; 8(1): 78. 13- Sönmez E, Sönmez AS, Bayindir Y, Coskun D, Aritürk S. Antihepatitis B response to hepatitis B vaccine administered simultaneously with tetanus toxoid in nonresponder individuals. Vaccine 2002; 21(3-4): 243-6. 14- Glenny A, Buttle G, Stevens MF. Rate of disappearance of diphtheria toxoid injected into rabbits and guinea‐pigs: Toxoid precipitated with alum. J Pathology 1931; 34(2): 267-75. 15- Khurana S, Chearwae W, Castellino F, Manischewitz J, King LR, Honorkiewicz A, et al. Vaccines with MF59 adjuvant expand the antibody repertoire to target protective sites of pandemic avian H5N1 influenza virus. Sci Transl Med 2010; 2(15): 15ra5-ra5. 16- Ou H, Yao H, Yao W, Wu N, Wu X, Han C, et al. Analysis of the immunogenicity and bioactivities of a split influenza A/H7N9 vaccine mixed with MF59 adjuvant in BALB/c mice. Vaccine 2016; 34(20): 2362-70. 17- Traquina P, Morandi M, Contorni M, Van Nest G. MF59 adjuvant enhances the antibody response to recombinant hepatitis B surface antigen vaccine in primates. J Infect Dis 1996; 174(6): 1168-75. 18- Guy B. The perfect mix: recent progress in adjuvant research. Nat Rev Microbiol 2007; 5(7) 505-17. 19- Mosca, Flaviana. Activation of innate immunity by human vaccine adjuvants at injection site. Diss alma 2009. 20- Nouri A, Laraba-Djebari F. Enhancement of long-lasting immunoprotective effect against Androctonus australis hector envenomation using safe antigens: Comparative role of MF59 and Alum adjuvants. Vaccine 2015; 33(43): 5756-63. 21- Wack A, Baudner BC, Hilbert AK, Manini I, Nuti S, Tavarini S, et al. Combination adjuvants for the induction of potent, long-lasting antibody and T-cell responses to influenza vaccine in mice. Vaccine 2008; 26(4): 552-61. 22- Ko EJ, Lee YT, Kim KH, Jung YJ, Lee Y, Denning TL, et al. Effects of MF59 Adjuvant on Induction of Isotype-Switched IgG Antibodies and Protection after Immunization with T-Dependent Influenza Virus Vaccine in the Absence of CD4+ T Cells. J virology 2016; 90(15): 6976-88. O’Hagan D, Ott G, De Gregorio E, Seubert A. The mechanism of action of MF59–an innately attractive adjuvant formulation. Vaccine 2012; 30(29):4341-8   Formulation of hepatitis B vaccine in MF59 adjuvant and comparison of its immunization with Iran's commercial hepatitis B vaccine
Reyhaneh Mirzaei, Fahimeh Nemati mansour, mehdi mahdavi
Abstract  -  چکیده -   Full text (PDF)
XML Socioeconomic status in relation to childhood general and central obesity in primary school children in the city of Farokh Shahr in 2009
Fateme Shafie, Asma Salari-moghaddam, Parisa Haji-hashemi, Reyhane Basirat, Amin Salehi-Abargouie, Mohammad bagher Larijani, Ahmad Esmaillzade
Abstract  -  چکیده -   Full text (PDF)
XML A case report of eye infection mucormycosis in diabetic patients and eye prosthetic construction
mohammadhossain lotfikamran, mahnaz hatami, nagmeh gafari, elham soltanpanah , hosain karami
Abstract  -  چکیده -   Full text (PDF)
XML Design, synthesis, molecular docking study and biological evaluation of heteroaryl 2-phenoxypyridin-3-yl derivatives as lipoxygenase enzyme inhibitors
Zeinab Najjari, Zohreh Mirjalili, Hamid Nadri, Faezeh Rabbani, Alireza Moradi
Abstract  -  چکیده -   Full text (PDF)
XML Association of the CHRNA3 rs1051730 single nucleotide polymorphism with lung cancer risk in Iranian patients
Mahboobeh Ahmadi, Seyed Mohammad Moshtaghioun , Ali Falahati
Abstract  -  چکیده -   Full text (PDF)
XML Study of causes of mortality in HIV patients in Yazd province during 2002-2015
Seyed Alireza Mousavi, Zeinab Hajizadeh, Jamshid Ayatollahi, Seyed Hossein Shahcheraghi
Abstract  -  چکیده -   Full text (PDF)
XML Association of the ability to taste Phenylthiocarbamide with sex and smoking
Mohammad Iranmanesh, Raheleh Masoudi , Shakiba Gholami
Abstract  -  چکیده -   Full text (PDF)
XML The effect of 4 weeks of aerobic activity on the ratio of Serum levels of tumor necrosis factor alpha, interleukin-10 and brain-derived neurotrophic factor in C57 rat brain tissue by induction of experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis (EAE)
Maryam Vatandoust , Pezhman Motamedi, Hamid Rajabi, Ata allah Ghadiri
Abstract  -  چکیده -   Full text (PDF)

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  • Current Issue: 2018، Volume 26، Number 7
  • Print ISSN: 22285741
  • Online ISSN: 22285733
  • Director-in-Charge: Dr. Seyed Mahmoud Sadr
  • Editor-in-Chief: Dr. Seyed Mahmoud Sadr Bafghi
  • Publisher: Shahid Sadoughi University of Medical Sciences

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