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XML Comparison of immunization potential from recombinant proteins EIT and Stx2B nanoparticulated based on chitosan in animal model, as nanovaccin candidate against E. coli O157:H7
Jaleh Khanifar, Ali Hatef Salmanian , Reza Haji Hajisseini, Jafar Amani, Rohoallah Kazemi
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XML Evaluation of VEGF gene expression levels and induction of apoptosis in crocin-treated MCF-7 breast cancer cells
Roya Saravani, Saman Sargazi, Mahboubeh Rabbani, Ramin Saravani
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XML Factors related to uncontrolled diabetes in Bushehr, Iran, 2017-18
Sudabeh Mohamadi , Mohammad Amiri, Alireza Marzban
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XML Effect of 8-week Swimming training and garlic intake on serum ICAM and VCAM adhesion molecules in male obese rats.
Shahin Riyahi Malayeri , Solmaz Kaka Abdullah Shirazi, Reza Behdari, Kazem mousavi Sadati
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XML Synthesis and optimization of niosomal carriers containing doxorubicin in order to achieve a final formulation with high potential in cancer cells temperature and acidity
Hashem Shahi Malmir, Seyed Mehdi Kalantar, Elham Sasani, Morteza Asgari, Mohammad Majdizadeh, Bibi Fatemeh Haghiralsadat
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XML Investigation on the effect of endurance training on blood circulating levels of Mir-146a and plasma levels of il-6 in sedentary elderly women
Fateme Falah, Farhad Rahmani Nia , Ramin Shabani, Zahra Hojati
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XML Investigate the effect of metformin on some of the behavioral indicators in ovariectomized middle aged mice
Maryam Zakeri, Iman Fatemi, Mohammad Ali Zakeri, Mohammad alahtavakoli
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XML Effect of different concentrations of hydroalcoholic extract of broccoli on sperm parameters and oxidative stress factors before and after thawing in NMRI mice
Nadia khademi, Mahdieh Raeeszadeh , Azra Veisi
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